Robert is an alchemist of memory in the process of creating a universal chronology based on his ancesters´ personal history of migration and resilience. By building memory walls Brandwayn attempts to discover the common DNA that binds us all;  his work hence comes in contact with the mystical and the scientific.

Brandwayn at his studio, photographed by Olga Lucía Jordán



Since his artistic formation in Philadelphia Robert Brandwayn has been interested in different forms of expression. For that reason, he majors in music and at the same time compliments it with painting, printmaking and multimedia classes at the same institution. Simultaneously he attends workshops with Colombian masters while at home. At the Tolbiac Sorbonne University in Paris, he starts exploring the history of the European cultures of his ancestors as well as the history of art L’Ecole du Louvre.

In 1993, he settles permanently in Colombia. Initially, and for over ten years, he became visible in the creation of music and multimedia projects by founding the recording studio United Music, through which he has registered as intellectual property more than fifty musical productions for rock groups, singers of mantras, music for documentaries and television. Among others, his original music was selected for the documentary “Rastro del Asesino” by the Discovery Channel, the telenovela “Los Reyes” of the RCN Channel, and ‘La Canción del Milenio’ by the Mayor of Bogotá. He also participates in competitions and calls, highlighting among others the second place in the 1st Colombian electroacoustic music contest (1994); the commission of a work for the New Colombian Composers concert of the Colombian-American Center of Bogota in the year 2000; and the selection of his works for festivals and concerts in France, Korea and Argentina.

At the same time, Robert maintains his artistic production establishing a workshop dedicated to research, the production of works of painting, mixed media and multimedia. His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Colombia, Venezuela, China and the United States, with the highlight of the solo exhibition Memoria Vital at the MACZUL (Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia) in Maracaibo, Venezuela (2017), the selection for the Young Artists Salon of the Museum of Antioquia in Medellín (1995); the nominees salon of the Fundación Alzate Avendaño de Bogotá (1994); the sample ‘Artronica’ of the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá (2005); and the Common Ground International Touring Exhibition, Huan Tie Museum in Beijing, China (2008).